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TITANIUM: earwires & posts.PLASTIC findings:<BR>Plastic earwires,<BR>Plastic posts.<BR>NIOBIUM: ear wires, jumprings, headpins/eyepins.
STAINLESS steel earring findings and earrings. CHILD earrings: plastic, nickel free earrings for kids and older. EARRINGS for all: faux diamonds, sterling, plastic.
Nickel Free BLOMDAHL Earrings. TANTALUM: earwires.ELECTROPLATED<BR>Made in Germany<BR> lever backs and earwires.
CLUTCHES: earring backs.SEASONAL: Christmas and Halloween earrings.Nickel free, 925 sterling silver <BR>earrings with cubic zirconia <BR>$7.45 - $7.95


Flat rate air-postage from sunny California: $2.95 USA

$9.95 to Canada

$14.95 to Europe & all other International destinations via International First Class Mail (about 30 days transit).

Customs fees for international orders are the responsibility of buyer.

"Hypoallergenic Findings" was designed to be your one stop jewelry findings boutique for skin friendly, lead free jewelry findings, nickel free jewelry findings & hypo-allergenic nickel free earrings.

Our selection of hypoallergenic materials and nickel free jewelry findings include the following: (Anti-allergische oorbelhaakjes en anti-allergische sluitingen.)

Hypoallergenic TITANIUM findings, hypoallergenic titanium ear wires, anti-allergy titanium clasps, titanium head pins and titanium eyepins, hypoallergenic titanium wire, titanium jumpring, titanium earring posts and titanium earring backs.

Hypoallergenic Niobium findings, hypoallergenic niobium ear wires, anti-allergy niobium clasps, niobium head pins and niobium eyepins.

Hypoallergenic PLASTIC findings, anti-allergy plastic earwires (also known as nylon ear wires), non-metal plastic earring posts, plastic earrings and plastic clasps.

Anti-allergy nickel free findings, lead free findingd, hypoallergenic nickel free earwires, hypoallergenic nickel free earrings, anti-allergy nickel free clasps, nickel free rhodium plated sterling silver earwires and lever-back ear wires.

BLOMDAHL® Medical Earrings: Hypoallergenic, anti-allergy plastic earrings, non-metal skin friendly earrings made with medical grade plastic, earring of nickel free surgical grade titanium.

Nickel free earwires, nickel free clasps, nickle free earrings, nickle free findings, nickel free head pins.

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Hypoallergenic TITANIUM findings, titanium earwires, hypoallergenic titanium clasps, hypoallergenic titanium head pins and titanium eyepins, hypoallergenic titanium wire, hypoallergenic titanium jumpring, hypoallergenic titanium earring posts and hypoallergenic titanium earring backs (clutches). Anti-allergische oorbelhaakjes.

Hypoallergenic PLASTIC findings, plastic earwires, hypoallergenic plastic earring posts, hypoallergenic plastic earrings and hypoallergenic plastic clasps.

Plastic nickel free findings, rhodium plated sterling silver earwires and leverback findings.

BLOMDAHL® Medical Earrings: Hypoallergenic, skin friendly earrings made with medical grade plastic and surgical grade titanium.

Oorbel haakjes zonder nikkel, anti-allergische oorbelhaakjes, anti-allergische sluitingen, plastieke oorbel haakjes, titanium oorbel haakjes, niobium oorbel haakjes, oorbal haakjes antiallergisch metaal, slotjes van antiallergisch metaal, sierraden onderdelen van antiallergisch metaal. Les fermetures allergiques: sans nickel bijoux, Bijoux hypoallergéniques, boucles d'oreille en plastique, boucles d'oreille titaniques, boucles d'oreille de niobium, bijoux métal d'allergie anti. Anti-allergische Schmuck, Ohne Nickel Schmuck, Hypoallergenic Schmucksachen, Plastik ohrringe, Titan ohrringe, Niobium ohrringe, der Schmucksachen anti-Allergiemetall. Yoyeria sin el níquel, senza nichel joyería, joyería hipoalérgica, pendientes plásticos, pendientes titanium, pendientes del niobium, de la joyería metal de la alergia contra. Antiallergici monili, earrings di plastica, earrings di titanio, earrings del niobio, dei monili metallo di anti allergia anti. Antialérgicos Jóia, earrings plásticos, earrings titanium, earrings do niobium, da jóia metal do allergy anti. Anti-allergiske smykker, uden nikkel smykker, under nikkel Oereringe, plastic Oereringe Titan Oereringe NIOBIUM øreringe, der blev, Smykker anti allergi metal. Uten nikkel smykker, anti-allergiska smykker, kunststoff ørenringer, titanium ørenringer niobium ørenringer, smykker anti allergi metal. Smycken utan mynt, anti-allergic smycken, plast- örhängen, titanium örhängen, niobiumörhängen, smycken metall anti allergin.

Antiallergische oorbelhaakjes, antiallergische slotjes, antiallergische sierraden onderdelen. Les fournitures d'allergie anti, Bijoux d'allergie anti, boucles d'oreille d'allergie anti, bijoux d'allergie anti. Schmuck anti-Allergie, schanverschlusse der anti-Allergiemetall, anti-Allergie Plastik ohrringe, Schmuchzybehor anti-allergie. Joyería hipoalérgica, pendientes plásticos de la alergia contra, pendientes titanium de la alergia contra, pendientes del niobium de la alergia contra. Antiallergici monili, earrings di Antiallergici. Antialérgicos jóia, antialérgicos earrings plásticos, antialérgicos earrings titanium, Antialérgicos Anti-allergiske smykker, Anti-allergiske Oereringe, Anti-allergiske plastic Oereringe Anti-allergiske Titan Oereringe, Anti-allergiske niobium øreringe. Norway: Anti-allergiska smykker, anti-allergiska ørenringer, anti-allergiska titanium ørenringer, anti-allergiska niobium ørenringer, anti-allergiska smykker. Sweden: Anti-allergic smycken, anti-allergic plast- örhängen, anti-allergic titanium örhängen, anti-allergic niobium örhängen.

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